Columbus Landfall: The Historical Record


Before the log, there were the maps.

The transatlantic track: From Gomera to . . . where?

The log 1: The Diario of Las Casas.

The log 2: The light of October 11.

The log 3: Physical description of Island I.

The log 4: Population of Island I.

The log 5: Sailing from Island I to Island II.

The log 6: Description of Island II.

The log 7: Sailing from Island II to Island III.

The log 8: Description of Island III.

The log 9: Sailing from Island III to Island IV.

The log 10: Description of Island IV.

The log 11: Sailing from Island IV to the Islas de Arena.

The log 12: The Islas de Arena and Cuba.

Other sources: The biography of Fernando Colon.

Other sources: The Historia de las Indias of Las Casas.

The Columbus Landfall Scorecard.


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