About Keith A. Pickering


Keith Pickering is a computer systems consultant and historian living in Watertown, Minnesota. He has been researching Columbus and his voyages since 1991, and has during that time authored two papers on Columbus's navigation that have appeared in scholarly journals. He has also given a number of lectures on Columbus's navigation and the log of his first voyage to the Society for the History of Discoveries, of which he is also a member.

He has been an active member of the Columbus Round Robin, which (until its demise) was a forum for scholarly discussion of the Columbus Landfall problem. He has been a consultant to National Geographic on an upcoming map of exploration and discovery, and was instrumental in the founding of a new Internet discussion group on the history of exploration and discovery. Pickering has been interviewed by Public Radio International on polar exploration, and was an on-air interviewed expert for the History Channel's documentary, "The Last Voyage of Columbus".

Click here to read Pickering's 1994 paper on Columbus's Plana Cays landfall.
Click here to read Pickering's 1995 lecture on Leagues and Miles in the Log of Columbus.
Click here to read Pickering's 1997 lecture on Columbus's longitude fraud.
Click here to read Pickering's 2004 lecture on Columbus's transatlantic track.

Thank you for visiting this website. It has been active since the mid-1990s. It is now being maintained by the family of author Keith A. Pickering due to his unexpected and untimely passing in November 2017. Although new materials are no longer being added, we invite you to enjoy all the material currently presented. Mr. Pickering's family retains his copyrights to the materials found on both The Columbus Landfall Homepage website and also The Columbus Navigation Homepage website.

Mr. Pickering was an enthusiastic scholar of astronomy and its scientific history, as well as the history of early exploration—and how the two disciplines were entwined. His perspective was therefore both broader and deeper than many other experts, bringing him recognition (and sometimes opposition) in academic circles. Of particular interest to him, as this website attests, were the voyages of Christopher Columbus, especially his first voyage to the New World, resulting in the publication of the book which was to become the culmination of his life's work, The Lost Island of Columbus: Solving the Mystery of Guanahani (Sunbury Press) in June 2017.


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