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Dead Reckoning navigation
Celestial navigation
League length
. . . Fraudulent Longitudes paper

History & Voyages

Early Years
First Voyage
. . . First Voyage log
. . . Complete translation of log
. . . Navigational summary of log
Second Voyage
Third Voyage
Fourth Voyage
Columbus's Death

Special topics

Who discovered America?
Destruction of Native peoples
Reviews and awards


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. . . Plana Cays paper
. . . Leagues vs. Miles paper
. . . Fraudulent Longitudes paper
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The Columbus Landfall Homepage

Landfall Clues

Transatlantic track
The Diario of Las Casas
The light of October 11
Description of Island I
Population of Island I
Sailing from Island I to Island II
Description of Island II
Sailing from Island II to Island III
Description of Island III
Sailing from Island III to Island IV
Description of Island IV
Sailing from Island IV to the Islas de Arena.
The Islas de Arena and Cuba
biography of Fernando Colon
Historia de las Indias of Las Casas
History of Oviedo

Landfall Theories

Plana Cays
. . .Plana paper, part 1
. . .Plana paper, part 2
. . .Plana paper, part 3
. . .Plana paper, part 4
Samana Cay
Conception Island
Grand Turk
Watlings Island
Cat Island
Egg Island
Virgin Islands
Lignum Vitae Cay

Landfall General

Landfall scorecard
. . . Old landfall scorecard
Landfall Dispute history
Leagues vs. Miles paper
Transatlantic Track paper


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